Since the invention of the internet, one of the reasons why humanity has used it is to share information. We have adjusted and tweaked the internet so that we not confined to sending texts but also whole documents, files, music, and videos. The popularity of streaming media files slowly and steadily grew to our current culture today.


Online Streaming And Its Relation To The Internet

But what is online streaming? Streaming is an internet jargon which means that information or multimedia is being constantly sent from a provided then received by a user. The internet had become the delivery medium of several file types. This is different from downloading since the information of multimedia is delivered from a provided to a user but the information is kept in storage by the user even after the absence of internet connection. Users can only open the downloaded file after download. Online streaming is faster since it allows users to open the files even if the file is not yet completely downloaded.

Currently, the most streamed multimedia online are movies. Movies used to be a challenge to transmit since these are large files and would require enough storage. Depending on your internet connection, downloading movies can take up a lot of time and storage. But the popularity of online streaming, users can watch the movies even if it is not yet finished completely transmitted to your local device.

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